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Everyone deserves to be happy in their life. They should be able to live in an environment that not only caters to their special needs but actively provides them with opportunities that can enable their growth. The housing and living arrangements of the individual have a lot of influence on such factors. Hence, the need for one to opt for living facilities that can improve their quality of life while ensuring that they are provided with the best possible care, depending on their condition. This is where Sparrow Care Australia comes into the picture.

At Sparrow Care Australia, we are committed to providing in-need personnel with the tools they need to lead a happy home life. Based in both Melbourne and Sydney, we provide a wide range of services under our banner, including assisting in the search for disabled homes that allow the individual to live independently but also be taken care of. We find housing designed according to the latest NDIS standard for the disabled. So, you need to worry about the complication you might need to endure when shifting to a new environment. We will find accommodation that would start to feel like a home to you in no time.
At Sparrow Care Australia, we help individuals find well-designed housing in the correct location that will encourage independent living and increase community connection for the residents. In addition, our support services provide the residents with assisted living suited to their needs.

Different types of disability homes and our related services

Sparrow Care Australia helps individuals find the best accommodation suited to their requirements.

  • Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA): Suitable for individuals with high support needs. High support needs include requiring assistance in handling everyday tasks such as getting ready for the day, keeping up with the appointments with the doctor, and such.
  • Group homes in Melbourne or Sydney: This is a shared housing accommodation that offers the opportunity for residents to share the space with individuals that suffer from similar conditions as themselves. One could compare this to living in a home with family.
  • Short-Term Accommodation: Short-term accommodation for individuals for a period of 2 to 6 weeks. The Short-term accommodation facility allows one to recover from their accident in a home-like environment rather than a hospital.
  • Medium-Term accommodation: This accommodation is suitable for individuals that are in need of transitional accommodation. This facility ensures that one does not have to wait in a hospital during this period..
  • Supported Independent living (SIL): For folks who would prefer to live in their homes but do require assistance in personal care and activities such as travelling to the doctors and handling regular domestic chores.
  • Complex Care: This service is for folks that have complex support needs but would prefer to stay in their homes. A permanent caregiver is assigned in such cases.
Sparrow Care Australia is the place for one to be if they require NDIS Housing in Australia. We would help the individual with the appropriate solution they require.

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