Our Service Agreement Process

Referral for Service forms capture the referral source and the need of the client to ensure that access to our services is based on need, available resources and is in the best interests of clients.

Welcome Pack – Information is provided to all people in English and using resources available on government websites, we develop translated brochures to explain about our service and our client’s rights and responsibilities.

Access and Equity policy and processes are in place which document: screening and eligibility; priority of access; how to keep the client informed; preparing and submitting.

Feedback Form and Continuous Improvement Register are in place to identify and capture issues that deter clients from accessing our services.

As a provider of disability supports it is our aim to provide an outstanding individualised service to each of our participants. We welcome comments, complaints, compliments and suggestions as feedback so we can continually improve.

Every participant will be provided with information, which will also include some forms that need to be signed and given back to retain as a record. Our worker will go through and explain each section.

Once service is confirmed every participant will be offered a Service Agreement. This document clearly sets out terms and agreements of the service to be delivered to the participant.

Following this a Support Plan is developed in consultation with the client that clearly captures the services they requested and the contract of care.

In situations where this service is unable to provide a service, the client is provided with information about other providers; a referral to other services is also made on their behalf via our Service Referral form.

Community Integration

We are committed to including and improving access for Aboriginal people and follow the guidance set out to work with and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

we deliver our services in inclusive ways so that external and internal barriers to Aboriginal inclusion are eliminated.

We value and uphold the rights of people with a disability

Continuous Quality Improvement

Our commitment to offering a quality service is articulated in the Welcome Package. We offer clients the opportunity to provide feedback to us using a range of methods – email, phone, online form and paper formats.

Our feedback monitoring processes state that we must (1) document all feedback received; (2) make a difference between an issue to be rectified and a compliment; (3) use this to improve our processes. Based on the action taken by our service we advise the clients and thank them for the time taken to offer a suggestion, complaint or compliment.

If a complaint is received it is tracked via our Complaints Register in preparation for reporting to the Department and Disability Commissioner annually.

If an incident is registered it is managed as per our Incident Management Policy, including reporting online, in our register and as part of our annual reporting obligations.

Our Quality Management System in place includes Feedback Form, Continuous Improvement Register and an Annual Quality Report.

Rights, Choice and Control

A person with a disability and/or a consumer of a disability service has Rights, as well as Choice & Control over the services they receive. Including but not limited to:

  1. To seek an advocate
  2. To provide feedback and complaints
  3. Have information held confidentially

We assist and empower you to exercise your consumer rights

When you become a client of our service, you can expect:

  • To be treated with dignity and respect
  • Us to be tolerant of any diversity and be welcoming and inclusive
  • To experience a professional and inclusive team approach and working environments
  • To feel that you belong and are a valued individual who can reach your full potential
  • To be communicated with regularly
  • To be linked to the services that we are unable to provide ourselves