There are millions of adults who live with a disability, and the costs associated with providing them with the access to care they need can be a hardship. Australians with disabilities have access to a unique collection of services, such as financial aid that can help with everyday life, when circumstances are bad.

Sparrow Care ensures that persons with disabilities attain their full potential, support and empower them so they don’t feel left out. We assist individuals with transportation to appointments, work, school, etc. We have access to skilled drivers, cabs, and other forms of transportation. We can also help with a support care worker if you or the client needs to be accompanied on public transportation or in a private vehicle.

Other help given by Australian Government:

  • For those with impairments, a wide range of state and federal programmes are available.
  • The majority of aid programmes offer financial support to cover necessities including food, clothing, and housing.
  • Some graduates with disabilities may be eligible for a student loan cancellation.

Financial difficulties are more prevalent among people with disabilities than in the general population.

In order to determine whether you qualify for Disability Support Pension (DSP), the Australian Government looks at both non-medical and medical criteria.

Procedures for evaluating the claim

  1. We evaluate non-medical laws:

To determine whether you comply with non-medical requirements, we analyze the data you submit with your claim. This covers your age, residency restrictions, and financial status.

You cannot receive DSP unless you abide by all non-medical requirements. You might be eligible for further payments.

  1. We evaluate the observable medical rules:

We examine the medical documentation you provide with your claim to see if you comply with the manifest medical requirements.

We might discuss the medical evidence with your treating physicians and other healthcare experts.

There is no additional medical evaluation provided you comply with the manifest medical standards.

If you don’t adhere to the manifest medical requirements, we’ll see if you do the general requirements.

  1. We evaluate standard medical practises

We examine the medical documentation you provide us with in your claim to see if you comply with the general medical guidelines. If you don’t adhere to manifest medical requirements, we’ll do this.

We determine if your problem has been fully diagnosed, treated, and stabilized and is unlikely to get better with additional therapy.

We examine the following effects of your condition:

Will prevent you from working at least 15 hours per week for the next two years, even with training, if it lasts longer than two years and receives at least 20 points on the impairment tables.

Following other assistance:

  • The Australian Disability Parking Scheme enables qualified individuals to park closer to their final destination.
  • Helps those who are suffering from mental illness, as well as their loved ones and caregivers, manage the effects of the condition on their life and enhance their general well-being.
  • The Disability Royal Commission has an impact on everyone, including persons with disabilities who have endured violence, abuse, neglect, or exploitation. The Australian Government is sponsoring free and independent counseling and advocacy help for everyone touched by this.
  • The Australian government is committed to giving persons with disabilities the chance to participate in society and the workforce and realize their full potential.