Individuals with impairments benefit from disability support services because they gain access to new skills and talents. People can lead more contented and independent lives with the right support services. A professional behaviour assessment may be required if you or a loved one is having behavioural problems as a result of a disability. The behaviours that may make it more difficult to live independently are identified through assessments conducted by qualified professionals.

Your physical, emotional, cultural, and domestic requirements are valued, respected, and cared for by Sparrow Care’s individualized care strategy. We are a legally recognized provider of disability services. To ensure that persons with disabilities reach their full potential, and achieve equality, independence, and a higher standard of living we support and empower them. The following list of social events is provided for the patients of Sparrow Care:

  • Access to community:

The social isolation and feelings of loneliness that are frequently experienced by elderly people who live alone can hurt their health. You might not be able to continue engaging in the hobbies you formerly cherished, the volunteer work that kept you motivated, or the visits with friends and family. Depression is a given when these ties and sources of support are lost. Having a caregiver at Sparrow Care gives your loved one a familiar face, a chance to engage in friendly conversation, and a meaningful human connection—all of which can have a positive effect on their health and well-being in general.

  • We have respite activities:

The purpose of respite care is to offer primary caregivers like you a little vacation from their responsibilities. It may be a few hours per day, once per week, a few times per month, or for several weeks while you take a much-needed vacation. Seniors who need a temporary caregiver can get one at home through Sparrow Care.

Family caregivers are committed to making the lives of their loved ones simpler, safer, and more joyful, frequently at the price of their self-care, mental health, job, and social life. Prevention of caregiver burnout is the main objective of respite care, which enables you to continue providing health care for your parent or other loved one without becoming overwhelmed.

  • Art therapy (Day camps):

Everyone agrees that hobbies and crafts are the best ways to relieve tension and anxiety. It aids in strengthening your bond with creativity. To help seniors with their hand-eye coordination and to decompress, the therapist uses a variety of arts and crafts techniques such as finger painting, masking, sketching, collage-making, and mosaic painting.

The use of art therapy can evoke memories and help people cope with unfavourable feelings. Seniors who receive ongoing therapy sessions aimed at profound healing frequently experience a sense of lightness in their hearts.

  • Equine therapy (Day camps with Horses):

A physical, occupational, and speech-language therapy treatment approach known as equine-assisted therapy (EAT) makes use of the horse’s dynamic movement to meet therapeutic objectives. The calm, rhythmic gait of the horse mimics human walking, making this sort of therapy beneficial.

Do you want to give your loved ones a summer filled with fun, memories, and purpose? With the help of our equine camps, people can learn horsemanship techniques designed to improve their sense of personal responsibility, self-worth, listening abilities, leadership, empowerment, and much more.

So, to help your loved ones make the most of their time, use Sparrow Care’s top-notch services right away.