Participants in the NDIS who require transportation assistance can make use of these programmes. Transport aid, as the name implies, can help you travel to your location via bus, taxi, private automobile, or special transportation. It’s like having a personal driver!

This kind of service gives NDIS participants a practical and secure method to carry out duties and activities that require leaving the house, such as going to the movies, grocery shopping, attending social events with friends and family, or attending appointments.

Services for assistance with transportation

Members of the NDIS have a variety of options for transportation assistance services. The best part is that you can choose whichever is most practical for you! The most typical transportation services that NDIS participants can use are listed below.

Private transport assistance  

You can arrange for a taxi or other specially designed vehicle to pick you up at your address and deliver you to your destination through a private transportation service. You may complete your responsibilities, like going shopping or seeing a doctor, at your convenience since you don’t have to share a ride with other people.

For this kind of service, you can even select your own vehicle. In this arrangement, a support worker will be given the responsibility of driving you around in your vehicle so you may arrive at your destination securely.

Community transport assistance 

For groups of NDIS participants, community transport support functions much like a carpool service. Large vehicles with wheelchair accessibility, such as vans or buses, are frequently employed since they can accommodate many passengers. To pick up and drop off passengers, these vehicles make numerous stops.

Shared transport assistance 

Shared services enable NDIS participants to travel with other passengers, much like community transportation support. The primary distinction is that there won’t be any repeated stops because everyone is going in the same direction. The kind of vehicle that will be offered depends on how many people are in your group.

Service providers connect you with people who share your travel plans and requirements. This option is a terrific opportunity to meet other participants and attend social activities with them in addition to assisting you in getting to your destination safely and effectively.

Public transport assistance

In this kind of service, a social worker or support staff member will ride along with you on any rail or bus trips. If you don’t feel confident travelling alone, this is the best alternative for you. If you meet certain requirements, such as being unable to utilise public transit without assistance, the NDIS will pay for the trip expenses and offer support.

Sparrow Care’s Transportation Support Service 

Sparrow Care offers care for NDIS participants as well as community people who qualify for transportation assistance services. We make sure every Social Carer who offers transportation assistance possesses a current Australian driver’s licence in order to help secure your safety. We also ask our Carers to certify that their vehicles are clean and roadworthy, and we thoroughly inspect the registration of their vehicles.